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Corals Unlimited Auctions

Green Hydnophora

Green Hydnophora

End date: 05-19-2024 - 07:09:00 PM
Winning bid: $9.00 (3 bids)
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Bidder Amount Date
J** M**** $9.00 05-19-2024 - 07:02:02 PM
T****** T*************** $8.00 05-19-2024 - 07:02:02 PM
J** M**** $6.99 05-16-2024 - 08:57:43 PM
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WYS/WYG Green Hydnophora

Corals Unlimited Auction Terms:

  • Bidding: Binding agreement; highest bid wins.
  • Notifications: Winners receive email with invoice details.
  • Shipping/Local Pick-Up available. Fedex overnight shipping is a flat $50
  • Corals can be added from the main site ( to maximize shipping.
  • Payment: Payment required within 48 hours of winning bid.
  • Non-payment may lead to loss of bid and the item will be awarded to next highest bid.
  •  Buyers monitor activity; prompt payment ensures smooth process.

By participating, buyers agree to abide by these terms. Corals Unlimited may update terms as needed.

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